Friday, September 3, 2010

Letting go

In art school, they did not teach you anything about letting go. Sometimes as artists, we love our work so much because they are after all our labor of love. Now and then, I find myself hanging on to some of my pieces. I suppose it is life...people, possessions, animals and everything else in your life: you let go when you're ready. Everything moving in and out of your life in its own good time. There is no supposed to. There is no must. Sometimes you realize you're ready, sometimes you don't. Whatever it is is okay.

I kept this bracelet, Indri, in its box for 6 months after it was finished. I have not listed it until now because I love it so and was not ready to let go. But I think I am ready now to share all the love I put in it with the world...and eventually with the owner.

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