Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Path Unwinding

At first sight, this piece took my breath away. It summarizes what I have learned through the winding road of my own path in life and still have to remind myself of everyday. I have wonderful people in my life who remind me of everything this labyrinth says. They made me realize that I am somebody. What I have been through is what makes me special. It makes me the person I am today. This journey is my own, nobody can do this for me...I am in charge. This wonderful piece of art work certainly does what those people did for me, without the painful conversations :) I am thankful for them everyday!!

This piece is not just beautiful, but also an inspiring one. It brings peace to my aching soul just thinking about running my fingers through it. Find this at www.jmliss.etsy.com


  1. How beautiful! Thank you so much! I cant even express how I feel after reading you blog about my labyrinth. I am "tpeless". All I can say is that my heart is glowing... -jane